Thursday, March 16, 2006

* NEWS * Time to Celebrate or Protest? National Agriculture Week!?

Every start of spring Americans might take notice of the backbone of the country’s economy - agriculture. Here at rural ninja we are skeptical of this 33-year-old event. Here is a quote straight from National Ag Day’s website:

“And it's important to remember that American agriculture is not just doing it, but doing it better and more effectively! Consider this:

* Each American farmer feeds about 129 people. America is agriculture's #1 export.

* New technology means farmers are more environmentally friendly than ever before.

That's really what this day is all about . . . recognizing the role of agriculture - and celebrating it. Thank you for joining us today!”

We’re confused how America is an export. We’re also curious who these 129 people are and how much they consume. Is it an average American or an average Cuban?

Maybe, National Agriculture Week shouldn’t be a celebration at all as the people that make agriculture happen keep getting squeezed out of the business. Maybe, we should be throwing pies rather than eating them.


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